We desire to become a company that makes positive changes in the use of materials that are safe for health and minimize the impact on the living environment; we have worked with suppliers who always have responsibility for the living environment to distribute eco-friendly products towards sustainable development together.

Please find below certifications of suppliers and eco-friendly products for your information or contact us for further information and assistance.


Being aware of the individual and business development closely associated with the living
environment and community activities, we always find and select reliable partners in order to
distribute the eco-friendly product ranges with less undesirable impacts on our environment,
doing our parts to protect the living environment. Also, we are always open-hearted, willing to
share, contribute to community and volunteering activities.


Employee is the core factor in making decisions and maintaining the success, development of an enterprise. Reading our mind in the above matter, we always facilitate employees to have opportunities to improve their professional skills and knowledge, improve and develop themselves, accompany and have strong attachment to us for a long time.

We focus on:

– Healthy and safe working environment:

     + Friendly – Solidarity & Development;

     + Fairness & Equality;

– Benefits of employees:

     + Ensuring the benefits and welfare of employees in accordance with regulations of the law;

     + Participating in 24/24 Personal Accident Insurance for employees, training program on Occupational safety and health, Fire prevention and fighting safety, etc.

     + To be recognized for their contributions, inventions and creativity;

     + Having right to raise their opinions, complaints or concerns during the course of the work, these issues are accepted, listened and immediately solved;

– Development for staffs:

     + Holding and participating in courses of training professional skills and knowledge in local country and foreign countries;

     + Holding the outdoor activities to create the solidarity among staffs, improve the teamwork spirit, enhance their values, roles, contributions, importance each other;