1.1. ANH NGOC THANH TRADING COMPANY LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “ANTRADE”) understands the importance and respects the privacy rights of personal information (“Information”) of people accessing Antrade websites and using services (the person who visits the website and/or purchases products and uses ANTRADE’s services hereinafter referred to as “Customer”); website, products and services hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Services”), in good faith – ANTRADE with this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) will provide an overview for transparency purposes. purpose of information collection; scope and method of information collection; scope of use, objects of access, time of information storage; links and third-party products on the website; commitment to information security; Customer’s rights and responsibilities; Information and contact methods are set forth in this Policy.

1.2. This Policy applies to ANTRADE’s Services as a whole, but from time to time, for each Service or a specific part of a Service, depending on the characteristics and necessary requirements of such Service ANTRADE may supplement add/modify the contents of this Policy to apply specifically to those particular portions of the Service.

1.3. This policy is applied when the Customer accesses the website, uses the Service on the ANTRADE website and any time the Customer accesses, uses the Service on the website provided by ANTRADE, ie the Customer agrees and be bound by the terms that ANTRADE sets forth in this Policy (including additions and amendments from time to time).

1.4. Depending on the situation, actual security needs, ANTRADE may adjust this Policy without notice or consent of the Customer. When updating the content of this policy, ANTRADE will revise the “Last Updated” time at the end of this Policy, so before accessing and using ANTRADE’s Services, Customers should regularly check the Policy Information for the latest updates.


ANTRADE collects Customer Information mainly for the purpose of supporting and maintaining relationships with Customers such as:

2.1. Maintain contact with Customer, answer Customer’s inquiries related to ANTRADE’s Services;

2.2. Improve the quality of ANTRADE’s Services and/or the Services of ANTRADE’s affiliates (“Subsidiaries”).

2.3. Set up customer loyalty programs or other trade promotion programs;

2.4. Handle issues related to the Client’s use of the Service or the transaction between ANTRADE and the Client;

2.5. To send open letters, orders, letters of thanks;

2.6. Notify Customers of promotional, advertising or other direct marketing and commercial promotion purposes with the prior consent of the Customer.

2.7. Notify about ATRADE’s recruitment information if customers register to receive notification emails.

2.8. Assessment and analysis of the market, customers, services of ANTRADE

2.9. Support when Customers purchase products and/or use ANTRADE’s Services

2.10. ANTRADE collects Information for the purposes of controlling and improving the quality of the Service such as:

  1. a) Control who accesses and uses ANTRADE’s Services;
  2. b) Analyze and optimize ANTRADE’s Services;

2.11. Other content that ANTRADE is allowed to use Information is not contrary to the provisions of the law.


3.1. Customer information that ANTRADE will collect includes:

  1. a) Full name;
  2. b) Email;
  3. c) Phone number;
  4. d) Company name;
  5. e) Country;

3.2. For each Service, other specific collection purposes, from time to time ANTRADE may require Customer to provide additional Information in order to ensure Customer’s own use of the Service or to ensure contact, Transactions between ANTRADE and the Customer are smooth and convenient, for example: the type of product the Customer is interested in; needs the Customer is looking for) and/or other necessary Information.

3.3. For the scope of Information collection mentioned in this Policy, ANTRADE will always facilitate by setting up features on the Website interface for Customers to choose to decide whether to provide or refuse to provide Information. for ANTRADE.


In order to ensure that the Information collected is complete and accurate, ANTRADE may, depending on the case, choose to use single or combined methods of collecting Customer Information as follows:

4.1. Requesting Customers to provide Information

ANTRADE may ask Customer to provide Information in the following cases:

  1. a) Some of ANTRADE’s Services allow/suggest the Customer to create an account or personal profile and in order to make the best use of these Services, ANTRADE may require the Customer to provide the Information mentioned above. in Section 3 above to meet Customer’s need to use the Service.
  2. b) In case the Customer requests ANTRADE to answer questions related to ANTRADE’s Services or the Customer requests ANTRADE to provide the Service, for example, requesting advice on products with suitable features for the project, … can request Customer to provide Information to process Customer’s request quickly and accurately;
  3. c) Othercases of requesting the collection of Information depending on the collection needs of ANTRADE.
  4. d) ANTRADE will always give the option of deciding whether or not to provide Information to the Customer. In case the Customer chooses not to provide Information, there may be some Services, transactions that cannot be done or some transactions that the Customer will be able to access and perform under anonymous mode (Guest).

4.2. ANTRADE collects Information by itself

  1. a) Collecting Information from Third Party Sources

ANTRADE may receive Customer Information that is publicly available on e-commerce websites of any third party or receive Customer Information from third parties when ANTRADE is involved in transactions that involve transfers. deliver such Information.

  1. b) Collected during the performance of the Service

In the course of performing the Services, ANTRADE may also collect Customer Information by other appropriate means with the Customer’s consent to such collection.

  1. c) Collected during the Customer’s use of the Service

4.3. Information Consolidation

ANTRADE may consolidate Customer Information that ANTRADE obtains from the collection by various methods mentioned in this Section as a complete operation of Information to serve the purposes mentioned in this Policy. without the prior consent of the Customer. However, the Customer always has the option to correct his/her Information in accordance with Section 10.1. This policy.


The information collected by the Customer is used for the purposes set out in section 2 of this Policy. In addition, the information is used within: ANTRADE, its affiliates and/or partners.


6.1. To fulfill the purposes of Information collection mentioned in this Policy ANTRADE may need assistance from third parties for data analysis, marketing and customer service support and/or providing better Services. for customers. During the support process, Customer Information may be disclosed by ANTRADE to the subjects mentioned below:

  1. a) An ANTRADE affiliated branch when the affiliated branch’s participation is necessary to perform/complete the transaction established between ANTRADE and the Client.
  2. b) Business partner that ANTRADE trusts, the disclosure and responsibility for confidentiality of Customer’s Information will be done according to the agreement between ANTRADE and ANTRADE’s business partners.

6.2. In order to develop business operations or in case of force majeure ANTRADE may have to reorganize, transfer, dissolve or bankrupt the company, in this case the successors and assigns of ANTRADE may may receive Customer’s Information to replace ANTRADE to continue providing and performing Services with Customer.

6.3. ANTRADE will have to disclose Customer Information to a Third Party or to a competent authority when required by a competent authority or other circumstances required by law or ANTRADE has grounds to believe that the Disclosure of Information may protect the rights, property or safety of the Customer or of ANTRADE / ANTRADE’s affiliates.

6.4. Other parties with the consent or instructions of the Customer.


ANTRADE only retains Customer Information for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which the Information was collected.


8.1. Some of the content, advertising and features on the ANTRADE website may be provided by third parties with or without affiliation with ANTRADE. These third parties may collect or receive certain Information about Customer’s use of the Service, including through the use of Cookies, Beacon and similar technologies and this Information may be collected in accordance time, and is combined with Information collected on various Websites and online services.

8.2. If Customer connects to a social networking service, ANTRADE may receive and store Credentials from that service to enable Customer to log in, as well as Other Information that Customer allows ANTRADE to receive when Customer connect to those services.

8.3. By accessing and/or using ANTRADE’s Services, Customer agrees to store Cookies, Beacon, other local storage technologies. Customer also agrees to access Cookies, Beacon, local storage technology of ANTRADE and the third parties mentioned above.

8.4. As noted above, ANTRADE’s Services may contain links to other Third Party websites not under ANTRADE’s control, therefore ANTRADE shall not be responsible for the safety or security of any Information. What information is collected by such Third Parties, is not done on the website interface or ANTRADE has management and/or control rights. ANTRADE advises Customer to exercise caution and review the Information security decisions that apply to Third Party Websites and services used by Customer.


9.1. ANTRADE commits to keep Customer’s Information confidential in accordance with the contents specified in this Policy and the provisions of law.

9.2. ANTRADE will apply appropriate technical and security solutions and solutions to most effectively protect Customer’s Information. However, note that although ANTRADE takes reasonable steps to protect Customer Information, no website, Internet connection, computer system or wireless connection is completely secure. for. Therefore, ANTRADE cannot make a firm commitment that the information provided by the Customer to ANTRADE will be kept completely secure and ANTRADE cannot be held responsible in the event of unauthorized access, leakage, or unauthorized access. leaking Customer Information through no fault of ANTRADE. If the Client does not agree to the terms described above, ANTRADE recommends that the Client not send the Information to ANTRADE.


10.1. Customer Benefits

  1. a) Customers are guaranteed the rights and confidentiality of Information that ANTRADE has committed under this Policy;
  2. b) Customers have the right to access their Information data and have the right to self-correct errors in their personal data or update and supplement to complete the Information stored on the website. Customers also have the right to delete personal data on the website themselves or request ANTRADE to stop using personal data for marketing purposes by sending a request to stop receiving notifications and information from the website.
  3. c) If the Customer does not want to receive any advertising and promotional information of ANTRADE, they have the right to refuse at any time by sending a request to stop receiving information to ANTRADE’s website by sending email / calling to the hotline shown on the page.

10.2. Customer Responsibilities

  1. a) Read this Policy carefully before using or accessing the ANTRADE Services. The Customer’s use and access to ANTRADE’s Services is also a confirmation of having carefully studied and agreed to the entire content of this Policy.
  2. b) Provide accurate and lawful Information to ANTRADE when requested and agreed to provide. The Customer will be solely responsible (in any event, without any involvement with ANTRADE in whole or in part) if the Information Customer provides to ANTRADE is inaccurate, illegal and/or Customer’s performance of the Service is interrupted, unable to be performed; or the transaction between ANTRADE and the Customer, between ANTRADE and the Third Party, between the Customer and the Third Party is interrupted or cannot be performed because of technical factors, transmission lines, system errors, etc. or arising any other problems. including any material or non-physical damage from the use of this inaccurate Information/violation of the law.
  3. c) Do not use any program, tool or other form to interfere with the system or change the data structure of the Service, the interface of the website, the existing features of the ANTRADE website.
  4. d) Do not distribute, propagate or encourage any activities to interfere, destroy or infiltrate the data of the website system under the management of ANTRADE.
  5. e) Do not spread or distribute content that violates the law and/or is against social ethics at ANTRADE’s website.
  6. f) All violations will be handled according to the provisions of law.

ANTRADE appreciates all comments, contacts and feedback from customers about ANTRADE’s Services and this policy. For any related questions, please contact the information below:


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