You would be hard pressed to find a perfectly straight line in nature – certainly not in the undulating raw power of our oceans and seas. Designed as a tribute, Interface Modular Carpet – Net Effect Collection is a carpet tile collection that honors the ocean not only in its aesthetic references but also in a unique and tangible way through a project called Net-Works™. Inspired by the color and movement of the oceans, Net Effect™ Collection – Interface carpet includes three square styles and three Skinny Planks™. The squares are a grouping of three textures that, when placed side by side, describes the precise moment when the sea foams into the shore. The Skinny Planks capture the fluidity of water in linear patterns with expanding and contracting rhythms. The shared palette was drawn from the deepest parts of the ocean to the sun and salt bleached wood and stones of the shore.

  • Size: 500 mm x 500mm
  • Pile Thickness: 3.0 mm ± 0.5mm
  • Total Thickness: 7 mm ± 0.5mm
  • Tufted Pile Weight: 23 oz/yd² ±5%         780 g/m² ±5%
  • Backing Structure: GlasBac®
  • Country of Origin: Thailand
  • Installation Methods: Non Directional